MKM Elevators

Specialist areas provided

  • Website design & build
  • Content management system
  • SEO
  • Usability


MKM Elevators are a supplier of services to the lift industry, with an excellent reputation. They provide site surveys, labour, modernisation, design, installation and maintenance.


  • The website needed to reinforce the brand with a corporate, large business look-and-feel, bringing it into line with the competition.
  • Needed to ensure the website reflected the stability and build long-term credibility of the company.
  • We were also tasked with creating a system to help customers track the progress of their jobs online - accessed with a secure password/login gateway.
  • Enable interactive online communication with existing clients and MKM staff.
  • Essential the website could be directly managed and maintained by MKM staff.
  • Provide key information online; including policies, procedures & regulations.
  • Improve the site structure by following a search engine optimisation strategy enabling it to be found more easily in search.


  • With its cool, clear and uncluttered style, the easy to navigate website conveys the right messages about MKM Elevators to its target audience.
  • The back-end job tracking system works seamlessly within the site.
  • Built using an affordable Content Management System (CMS) enabling client to make updates as and when required - providing great flexibility.


  • MKM’s new job tracking system represents a step forward for the industry, helping to differentiate the company within an uninspiring B2B arena.
  • Enable non-technical staff to make website updates; providing a flexible, cost-effective & lasting solution.
  • Reduction in time spent on administrative duties due to the introduction of the back-end job tracking system.
  • The website re-design has enabled clearer communication driving down the cost of handling customer enquiries.

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